Geoty can supply lifting slings in various sizes and according to the safety factor required by the client.

Geoty slings can be used for lifting and transporting:
bags of cement / fertilizers / foodstuffs / chemicals / manure…
instant turf
construction materials
much more…

Geoty slings employ polyester straps which combine softness and flexibility with high lifting strength. The flexibility of the straps is mainly important when lifting bags on wooden pallets – our straps allow easy tying to the pallet and prevent entanglement of the straps in the pallet during loading.

Geoty also produces slings with polypropylene lifting straps which undergo a process to increase softness and flexibility. Thus we can offer slings of superior quality which are both convenient to use and competitively priced.

Each Geoty sling is supplied with lashing straps according to customer specifications (usually 1” straps with two “D” shaped rings).


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