Geoty produces small bags from woven polypropylene and transparent/opaque polyethylene according to any client requirement. These bags can be supplied beautifully printed in an almost unlimited number of colours. Geoty’s small bags offer a competitively priced packaging solution when small volume (e.g. 25kg) product lots are demanded by the end user.

Our range includes:
non-coated / coated / laminated bags
printed / plain bags
block bottom open mouth bags
valve bags
gusset bags
simple stitched bags
FFS polyethylene bags
Leno mesh potato sacks

Geoty’s block bottom bags employ advanced technology and materials which allow spectacular prints and a non-slip finish. This new material is impervious to fluids and, unlike common BOPP bags, can be easily stacked on pallets or slings without sliding. Geoty’s flexible production facilities also allow relatively small order quantities for printed bags.


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